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Who Goes Where (instructions)

A Mystery Activity (Rosie O’Connor)

Task Plans

Where is the Cup Hidden-(mystery-card)


mystery support (zipped notebook)

A Mystery Activity. (Lindi Beastall)starter (multiples for football)

Task plans

Celtic Knots:




The mathematics of Celtic art work.(Bruce Moore) celtic-knot-project-day-1celtic-knot-project-day-2celtic-knot-project-day-3

Library Project

(Anne Savage)  

Freezer Mystery



This activity requires pupils to solve a problem given a variety of sources. It could be easily adapted to suit the location of your school.(Rosie O’Connor)

Task Plan

Who lives where?


A logic problem (JS)

Task Plans

(a solution)

English Squad Training Sessions A number problem that might have been set by Fabio Capello (JS) See useful sources in resources for maths links to World Cup

2 Responses to Miscellany

  • S Douglas

    Sun 22nd, 2009 @ 11:24pm

    We have had great fun with the ‘ Who stole the cup task?’ which I changed slightly to make it have a little more local interest setting it up as a Derby County v Forest game – including a powerpoint with Derby Chants/ Photo’s and news flashes to set the task up – its a good job our Head was in hospital with a broken leg at the time as he is a real Forest Fan!!! (Sandra Douglas – Heanor Gate)

  • Maggi Smith

    Tue 31st, 2012 @ 11:07am

    We have put Who Goes Where and Who Stole the Cup into our scheme of work and have used both with 3 year groups, very successfully.
    Pupils take a while to get used to not knowing what to do, but careful questions help them to find a way through. Always try the task yourself so you are aware of the kinds of questions to ask without giving too much away.

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