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Teacher’s Notes

Shape Mystery

shape mystery cards

shape mystery grid

In this Durham Mystery, pupils are required to use clues relating to the properties of polygons to solve a mystery puzzle. (JS)

Task Plans

18 sweets

One of the Bowland CPD tasks where pupils are required to design and make a box to hold 18 sweets. (JS)

Area and Perimeter on 5 point pinboards

pinboards (1)

pinboards (2)

Pupils compare perimeters and areas of shapes. (James Thomas)

Task Plans

Wrapping Parcels

Starter (zipped)

An optimisation problem in which pupils are required to calculate the smallest amount of wrapping paper required to wrap a box. (Helen Boam)

Task Plans

Lilypad Adventure

notebook (zip)

A problem involving the area of segments of a circle.(Mark Housley)

Task Plans

Triangles on a 3×3 pinboard

Starting with an investigation into the number of triangles that can be found, this task leads on to properties of triangles.(JS)

Task Plans

Quadrilaterals on a 3×3 pinboard

A very similar task to the ‘Triangles on a Pinboard’ task. (JS)

Task Plans

Triangles and Quadrilaterals on a 9 point geoboard

(Zip file)

Activities involving the properties of triangles and Quadrilaterals on a 9 point geoboard (Paul Crossley) (The lesson plans are included in the Zipped package)

Shape Sorting

Pupils are required to establish their own criteria for sorting. (Sophie Garnett)

Task Plan

Postman Pat

An activity involving giving directions. (Joanne Waldron)

Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarm (notebook)

Burglar Alarm (pdf)

An investigation involving locii (John Collister – Heritage)

Is it the Same


A shape and space problem involving congruency on a geoboard (JS)

(task plan)


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