Some suggestions for Starter Activities which might be appropriate to Rich Tasks

Thinking Skills

  • conjectures-(what comes next) – In pairs try to agree what comes next in a sequence as the sequence grows (and why).
  • Odd One Out – Given three numbers, (or words or shapes), pupils are required to say why each in turn might be the odd one out. ie 2, 7, 15 (2 – the others are odd, 7 – not a factor of 30, 15 – not prime. Of course there are plenty of other answers!)

Group Work

  • Taboo / Fourbidden – In pairs or two teams take it in turns to describe the word on the card, without using the word itself. (Fourbidden card game available from ATM)
  • Draw Me – In pairs, one pupil describes a drawing made up of shapes to a second who attempts to draw the shape on a mini-whiteboard. A similar activity might involve making a solid with say 6 linking cubes.

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