“Riching it Up!”

Many tasks currently taught in a ’structured’ manner can be modified to become ‘Rich Tasks’.

For examples see:

18 Sweets – Bowland Maths

This task might have originally been presented by the teacher describing the task, getting pupils to suggest possible arrangements of the sweets, telling the class to measure/calculate specific lengths, giving them isometric paper with the instruction “draw your model”, providing card whilst telling them to draw the net, etc.

As a rich task, these decisions are left to the pupils – the task is simply “here are 18 sweets, design a gift box for them.”

This idea of de-structuring a task is covered in greater detail in the Bowland CPD module.

In the Pink – Based on an idea from SMP Interact

This task might have originally involved the pupils completing an exercise involving simplifying ratios. The teacher may have modeled a couple of examples and then asked the class to complete the exercise.

‘Riching it Up’ involves pupils (in groups) being presented with cards with various mixtures of red and white paint on them. The task is to sort the mixtures from darkest to lightest pink. Some of the mixtures are equivalent. They are also required to invent their own mixtures. (In some cases it may be appropriate to reduce the number of cards)

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