Here’s what one school is doing ….

The specific tasks we are trialling (and some have already been successful) are outlined below.

Shape investigation

Using craft board and pins and thread individuals have been constructing equilateral triangles and then regular polygons – it develops construction techniques, understanding of angles in regular shapes and leads onto shapes within shapes… it also produces a wonderful classroom display! (we are planning to follow up this lesson with an outdoor investigation on hexagons next week)

Circle Theorems

outdoor if fine, otherwise on craft board – tasks to investigate the size of angles from two fixed points on the circumference, the angle created from the diameter, the difference in size of angle at the edge and the centre and finally looking at the length of intersecting tangents. We will record all findings and then document them.

Mobile Phone Weighing

firstly to look at own phones and to estimate and then weigh them. To then, in pairs, find other things that weigh the same as their phone, bag them up and produce a display… some items we will provide such as rice, pasta, buttons, matchsticks etc, other things they can collect outside or in the classroom. Follow on is to produce a frequency polygon of phone weights but to make the polygon with pictures, or even 3D.

Pie Charts

two separate or linked lessons – indoors and outdoors – to collect data in class and then produce a pie chart where each accurate segment is made from object stuck on that represent that item, for example if looking at how spend day, may stick on pasta for eating time, may stick on feathers for sleep time etc. Outdoor is to make pie charts on the grass using wool and sticks and then to fill each section with objects and photographs the result.

We are also looking at making bar charts with test tubes filled with different coloured sand.

And we’ve tried making maps, mazes, and octahedrons in a creative hands on approach.

Helen Curry – Murray Park School, Derby

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