Three Months On ……

It is now three months since this event and I trust that you have been able to share the ideas and resources from the course and the website with your colleagues. Thanks to those who have submitted resources.

It would be really great if any of you felt like sharing with the rest of the group any developments that have taken place within your own departments. Which tasks have been used and how did they go? What about teaching strategies? How have you integrated ‘rich tasks’ into your curriculum? What do the pupils/students think of these types of task? Other suitable tasks? Perhaps now that year 11 have left you might feel like ‘penning’ a few thoughts. If so let me have these and I will post on the website. (or you can d.i.y but you will need to log in first)

As to the future, I will maintain the site, which has seen a lot of traffic now that it listed on both the NCETM and SSAT websites. Other hits have come from google searches, etc. I will not be working as a Lead Practitioner for the SSAT next year, as I have taken on a different job (which bars me from this role), however there will be a programme of events run by other Lead Practitioners in the region and advertised on the SSAT website.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you.

Jon Stratford

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